EURONAVAL 2018: RAFAEL unveils its Active Advanced Torpedo Defense

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems presents for the first time its unique 360° multi-layered suite of maritime defense solutions at Euronaval 2018.

rafael unveils active defense torpedo euronaval 2018 THE ATDS is based on RAFAEL'S unique Torbuster underwater active decoy.

RAFAEL's advanced solutions provide naval forces defense superiority against all modern naval threats, such as naval area defense, swarm attack defense, and torpedo defense, based upon years of experience and operational lessons in various naval arenas and scenarios, and integrating RAFAEL's combat-proven technologies in all domains. RAFAEL's unique portfolio of naval systems enable various possible combinations of deployment of its layered defence suite, dependent upon current and future threat definition, cost-effectiveness and available reaction time.

RAFAEL also unveil for the first time its new ATDS – active Advanced Torpedo Defense capability for surface vessels. ATDS is a unique, innovative capability for surface ships, providing detection capabilities, locator sensors, and neutralization capabilities for naval forces.

ATDS provides effective defence against all types of acoustic homing torpedoes. Upon detection of an incoming torpedo (external to the system), the ATDS will launch a decoy from an external launcher. The decoy will propel itself to a safe distance from the submarine, and seduce the incoming torpedo by transmitting specific acoustic signals. As the torpedo homes in on the decoy, the decoy will sense when it is at the closest point of approach and self-explode, inflicting sufficient damage to the torpedo to neutralize it. 

For the past three decades, RAFAEL has been developing and implementing a wide scope of capabilities for the naval arena. During this time, RAFAEL has gained unique experience in the field of naval systems design, production, integration, commissioning and support, along with the important advantage of accumulated experience in major naval projects with customers all around the world.

Our video coverage on RAFAEL's 360° multi-layered defense solution at Euronaval 2018, including the new Active Advanced Torpedo Defense.

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