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IndoDefence 2018: Lacroix Ready to Provide Next Gen Decoy Systems to TNI AL

At IndoDefence 2018, Lacroix Defense from France is showcasing for the first time in Indonesia, its cutting-edge, compact SYLENA MK2 decoy launching system.

IndoDefence 2018 Lacroix Ready to Provide Next Gen Decoy Systems to TNI AL Lacroix stand at IndoDefence 2018 with SYLENA Mk2 Decoy Launching System. Navy Recognition picture.

Lacroix provides innovative and distinct decoy solutions including AAW and ASW cutting-edge pyrotechnic applications for warship survivability, deploying:

Corner reflector decoys against radar (RF) threats
Spectral morphologic infrared decoys (IR) against passive infrared threats
Electro-optic laser screening (EO) against laser guided threats
Innovative anti-torpedo solutions

Specifically in the naval field, Lacroix is ready to provide its solutions for Indonesian Navy (TNI AL)'s future 85 meters Offshore Patrol Vessels.

Lacroix's activities span all stages from product design to manufacture, including supply, support and services solutions, training & simulation...

Two weeks ago (during Euronaval 201) Lacroix confirmed the successful operational deployment of its effects and technologies to defeat the broad range of missile threats from old generations to the most advanced.

Over fifty platforms are currently protected by Lacroix’s new munitions, and it has recently delivered its 10.000th unit of SEACLAD ® ammunition. Development of the SEALAT anti-torpedo mortar has been brought to completion and it is presently being manufactured at nominal capacity.

The demonstrated success of the SYLENA range has come in just five years since it was marketed: a combination of deliveries and firm orders account for a total of over thirty systems worldwide. Within the next 2 years, that number is expected to jump to 100, thanks to the growing success of the unique coupling of a fixed launcher / modern countermeasures.

The growing need for ship self-protection against sophisticated technologies has generated a heightened interest in SYLENA.

For over 25 years, significantly enhanced calculation capabilities and the miniaturization of electronic components have brought about an unprecedented development in homing missile and torpedo capabilities, rendering classic countermeasures ineffective to defeat them.

The latest generation of homing devices can instantaneously determine target and spectral location and reject radar echo and infrared radiation which do not match the ship’s signature. Therefore, most current missiles reject chaff and classic infrared decoys. Furthermore, the SYLENA / SEACLAD combination is suitably adapted to meet the proliferation of hypervelocity and millimeter wave missiles.

Lastly, in the submarine domain, the fact that classic countermeasure are systematically rejected by advanced torpedoes was taken into account by Lacroix in the early stages of development.