Russian Navy likely to order two Project 11711 landing ships

The Russian Navy and the shipbuilding industry began to consider the expansion of Project 11711 big landing ships in 2019. If a positive decision is taken, Yantar Shipyard will lay another two warships in 2019-2020.

Russian Navy likely to order two Project 11711 landing ships Project 11711 Ivan Gren landing ship during trials in the Baltic Sea (Picture Source: Alex Akentyev)

Yantar has sufficient capacity to build two new warships, one source said. The other source said the contract for two new landing ships is caused by the necessity to replace outdated ships of projects 1171 and 775 and the delay in the modernization of Severnaya verf Shipyard. Universal landing ships were planned for construction after the modernization. The new facility can be launched not earlier than in the summer of 2020.

Nevskoe Design Bureau submitted an upgraded project 11711 to the Navy in 2018. It is distinguished by better livability, seaworthiness and running qualities. Former chief of the bureau Sergey Vlasov said the engineers successfully treated the infantine diseases of the lead ship.

"Today the talk is about an upgraded landing ship with an increased displacement of 8000 tons," an informed industry source said. "The project will be designated as 11711M. For the time of its development Yantar may get the second pair of project 11711 landing ships," he said.

The Project 11711 (Ivan Gren class) vessels are big landing ships capable of carrying up to 13 main battle tanks (MBTs) or 36 armoured personnel carriers, along with 300 marines. It is armed with a 30mm AK-630M-2, two 30mm AK-630, and two 14.5mm KPV type. It is also fitted with a hangar capable of accommodating two Ka-27 ASW or two Ka-29 transport-attack helicopters.

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