Russian Northern fleet launches new training facility for commandos

The main base of the Northern fleet submarines, Gadzhievo garrison in Murmansk region held a gala ceremony to open the first multirole training facility for divers, rescuers, mountain and assault missions, the fleet said. "Submarine fleet Commander Rear Admiral Arkady Romanov and representative of the design bureau Vladislav Zanin participated in the ceremony," it said.

Russian Northern fleet launches new training facility for commandos Russian swimmer in a countersubversion operation training (Picture source: Russian MoD)

Counter-subversion swimmers and scouts held demonstration exercises. They trained mountain operations, entry to the pool through torpedo launcher, and ascent onto a vessel. The facility is to train commandos fight underwater subversion forces, terrorists and sea pirates. It can also train rescue divers.

The multirole facility is a pool made of containers. It has a pitch to shoot from underwater guns, an emergency hatch and torpedo launcher, an imitator of underwater current with a regulated speed range of two knots. The upper stage of the facility holds a vessel hull mockup to train ascent from water. The pool is fit for direct deployment and jumps from a special platform. It also has a climbing wall and a building mockup to train commandos. The facility has a multimedia class for theoretical training. Similar facilities are to be installed in other garrisons of the Northern fleet.

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