New BK-16 boats for Russian guards in Crimea

High-speed transport and assault boats BK-16 of project 02510 of the Russian Guard sailed from Sevastopol to Kerch, the law enforcement agency said. "The boats were handed over to the maritime unit of the Russian Guard in a gala atmosphere under the supervision of the head of the maritime protected facilities department Rear Admiral Andrey Shatayev," it said.

New BK 16 boats for Russian guards in Crimea BK-16 Fast Patrol Boat (Picture source: Kalashnikov)

The boats successfully completed running trials in Sevastopol and went on duty to protect Black Sea coast.

BK-16 boats of project 02510 are designed for operations in brown waters, straits, river mouth and lakes to transport personnel and land assault on an unequipped coast and provide fire support, as well as to fight piracy and terrorism. They are armed with 7.62 and 12.7mm machineguns, automatic antipersonnel grenade launcher, remotely controlled combat module. The maximum speed is 45 knots, the cruising capacity is one day and the range is 400 miles. Upon customer requirements the boats can be equipped with various components for specific missions.

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