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Russia developing mobile radar to track surface ships

The Laguna-M relocatable radar that will be able to track more than 200 surface targets in an area of 200 nautical miles is being developed in Russia, the press office of Russia’s RTI Group told TASS.

Russia developing mobile radar to track surface ships 925 001Russian Radar Systems (Picture source: Russian Internet)

"The radar can continuously monitor a 200 nm economic zone at any time of the day and in all weather conditions. Its detection coverage is 120 degrees. The radar can be easily relocated," the press office said.

"The radar will be able to track more than 200 various targets at a time and transmit data on them in real-time," the press office added.

According to the press office, the Laguna-M will detect and track ships and determine their coordinates and movement parameters continuously and automatically. Its capability to select frequencies in automatic mode makes it virtually immune to HF jamming.

The radar is being developed by the NIIDAR Company that is a subsidiary of the RTI Group.

The Laguna-M will operate in a high-frequency band, which will allow it to detect surface targets along the line of sight and beyond the horizon.

The lightweight antenna module will make it possible to install the radar on unprepared sites, which will reduce the relocation time by several times.

According to the developers, it will be possible to use the radar to prevent poaching, smuggling and other illegal activities and determine the coordinates of ships in distress in real-time.

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