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Video: Philippine Navy Test-Fires Spike-ER - Will Procure More Missiles

The Philippine Navy (PN) formally entered the missile age after it test-fired its Rafael Advanced Defense Ltd. Spike-ER (extended range) surface-to-surface missile off Lamao Point, in Limay, Bataan Thursday morning. The missile was fired from one of the Navy's multi-purpose assault craft (MPAC), Navy spokesperson Cmdr. Jonathan Zata said.

Video Philippine Navy Test Fires Spike ER Will Procure More MissilesScreen capture from Philippine Navy video of the Spike-ER test firing.

He added that the missile firing was part of the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT).

"The PN together with teams from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and the Technical Inspection and Acceptance Committee of the Department of National Defense (DND) oversaw the test-firing activity that included the SAT for the mini-Typhoon machine gun system and SAT for the Spike-Extended Range missile launching system.

"The activity is necessary to test, inspect and accept the weapons and its systems in accordance with the contract for the final acceptance of the system," Zata said.

Present during the missile firing were PN flag-officer-in-command Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad and other senior naval officers, along with the DND Defense Acquisition Office representatives who were aboard another Navy vessel to witness the event.

"A Spike-ER missile was fired and accurately hit the designated target at approximately six KM (kilometers) away from the firing platform. The target was hit dead center even if the sea state condition was moderately rough with wave of at least one meter high but within the normal firing conditions of the missile," Zata added.

The PN MPAC Acquisition Project entered into a contract with Rafael, through SIBAT of Israel Ministry of Defense, for the supply and integration of the weapons systems to MPAC Mark III platforms.

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The Philippines will be acquiring more missile weaponry to arm its new ships, Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana disclosed Thursday.

"We are getting more of those ( missile weaponry) because we're planning (to acquire) more vessels. By the way, we have an offshore-patrol vessel order (for the Navy), six of which would be built here in the country. It will be built by Austal, which is a subsidiary of Austal in Australia, in Balamban, Cebu," Lorenzana said in a media interview.

Asked for the contract price for the six off-shore patrol vessels, the DND chief said he cannot give specific figures yet as the deal is still being finalized.

The DND chief said the implication of the August 9 Spike-ER missile test-firing is that it boosted the PN's capability to efficiently employ such weapon in its operations.

"Another actual live firing demonstration of the Spike ER missile will be scheduled with the Commander in-Chief, the President of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in attendance," Zata said.

Video Philippine Navy Test Fires Spike ER Will Procure More Missiles 2The Philippine Navy MPAC are fitted with the Typhoon MLS-ER Naval Missile System by Rafael. Philippine Navy picture.

About Typhoon MLS-ER Naval Missile System
The Philippine Navy MPAC are fitted with the Typhoon MLS-ER Naval Missile System by Rafael. The system includes Spike-ER missiles, launchers, an Electro Optical director and a fire control system. The light-weight, stabilized system can be installed on a variety of platforms, ranging from Rigid Hull Inflated Boats (RHIBs) to larger boats and ships. Spike ER is an electro-optically guided multipurpose missile for ranges of up to 8km with pinpoint accuracy. Typhoon MLS-ER features day and night operation and includes Fire-and-Forget, as well as Fire-and-Observe and Update modes of operation. This enables the gunner to switch between targets after launch, avoid friendly fire, conduct surveillance/damage assessment and attack hidden targets. Additionally, the Typhoon MLS-ER features a Fire and Steer mode, in which the gunner can launch the missile without pre-locking onto the target and manually steer it to the target.

The Spike family consists of missiles suited for several platforms, multiple ranges and a variety of targets. The Spike missile system is manufactured and marketed by the Israeli Company Rafael. Spike is a fourth generation man-portable fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile with tandem-charged HEAT warhead. The Spike missile can be also used on ship. SPIKE-ER Missile is operated from dedicated station remotely and both operators (Boat navigator/steerer and missile operator) are able to coordinate their action optimally. Spike-ER has an effective range of 8 Km.