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Video: PT Pal Launched the 6th LPD for Indonesian Navy (TNI AL)

Indonesian shipyard PT PAL (Persero) in Surabaya launched the sixth landing platform dock (LPD) for the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) on August 3rd. The vessel named "KRI Semarang" (hull number 594) will be the 5th vessel of the Makassar-class. The contract for the construction of this ship was concluded by the Indonesian Navy with PT PAL on January 11, 2017. The vessel is set to be delivered by December 2018.

Video PT Pal Launched the 6th LPD for Indonesian Navy TNI ALLaunch ceremony of the amphibious vessel (LPD) KRI Semarang at PT Pal shipyard in Surabaya, 08/03/2018. Picture: Screenshot from PT PAL video

The steel cutting ceremony (the beginning of the construction of the ship) took place on April 28, 2017, event during which PT PAL leadership announced its readiness to deliver the ship two months earlier than planned in the contract.

Under a 2003 contract worth only $ 35 million, the South Korean shipbuilding company Dae Sun Shipbuildings & Engineering Co. Lt designed and built in Busan an LPD (with standard displacement of 7,300 tons, a total displacement of 11,394 tons, a length of 122 meters), commissioned with the Indonesian fleet in 2004. In 2008, the ship as was converted into a hospital ship and renamed Dr. Soeharso.

Subsequently, in 2004, Indonesia entered into a $150 million contract with Dae Sun Shipbuildings & Engineering for the construction of four LPDs under a slightly modified project (length 124 m). The first two ships Makassar and Surabaya were built in South Korea with delivery to the Indonesian fleet in 2007, and two other ships Banjarmasin and Banda Aceh were built by PT PAL in Surabaya with the assistance of the South Korean company, with transfer of technology and full rights to the project. The ships were transferred to the Indonesian Navy in 2009 and 2011.

PT Pal video

The Indonesian Navy has decided to continue procurement of the design and ordered a sixth LPD vessel (the third built by PT PAL). The new ship, "KRI Semarang", with a standard displacement of 7,200 tons and a length of 124 meters, is another evolution of the Makassar type, differing from the latter by the increased volume of the helicopter hangar (possibly up to three helicopters) and living quarters for personnel (the total capacity of 771 people, including the crew, compared to 644 people aboard Makassar ).

The Indonesian Coast Guard is reportedly planning to order a PT PAL ship based on the Makassar design for use as a floating base and control ship. TNI AL may be ordering a 7th LPD as well.

Makassar-type LPD is a succesfull design as it was selected by the Philippines Navy (Tarlac built in Surabaya was transferred to the Philippine fleet in May 2016 and Davao del Sur in May 2017) and the Peruvian Navy (BAP Pisco was commissioned into the Peruvian fleet on June 6, 2018. The second ship Paita was laid at the SIMA Callao shipyard in Callao on December 14, 2017.) There were discussions for similar vessels for Malaysia (MRSS project), Myanmar and Thailand.