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Two Project 12418 missile boats to be handed over to Russian Navy in 2021-2022

Two Project 12418 missile boats, which are being built at the Vympel shipbuilding plant (an affiliate of Concern Kalashnikov of the Russian State Corporation Rostec) in the interest of the Russian Defense Ministry, will be handed over in 2021-2022, the plant’s representative has told TASS.

Two Project 12418 missile boats to be handed over to Russian Navy in 2021 2022 Russian Navy will receive two missile boats of Project 12418 in 2021-2022 (Picture Source: Vympel Shipyard)

"At present, a program for the construction of (project 12418) boats has been fulfilled by 40%-45%. The first boat is to be handed over in 2021, the second one in 2022," the source said. The project 12418 boats (orders No.09301 and No.09302) with a displacement of close to 540 tonnes are being built as part of a modernization project. These two boats differ from the six Project 12418 boats, which Vietnam had built on a license, by the number of Uran missile launchers.

Besides, the Russian missile boats are different from basic project 1241 (Molniya) boats by their set of weapons: missiles and artillery weapons. For example, the project 12418 missile boats are being equipped with an automatic 76mm artillery weapon system AK-176MA (AK-176 artillery weapon systems of the same calibre are mounted on project 1241 boats. They will be deployed in the nose section; two 30-mm small-calibre anti-aircraft artillery systems AK-630M will be in the stern.

Missile weapons comprise 2 inclined launching ramps for ship-based 3M-24 Uran missile systems with four transporter-launcher containers on each launcher. They are located behind a superstructure in the middle of the hull. Project 1241 missile boats used to be equipped with four inclined launchers with anti-ship 3M-80 Moskit missiles located alongside the superstructure.

The length is 56.1 m; the beam is 10.2m; propeller screw draft is -3.65 m; the maximum speed is about 30 knots; economical speed is 14 knots. The propulsion plant consists of two M507 diesel engines with a power capacity of 7,355 KW each. Safety navigation seaworthiness is 7-8 points; weapons seaworthiness is 4-5 points. The economical speed range with full fuel load is 1,900-2,000 miles; the range with the maximum fuel load is 2,500-2,600 miles. Food supplies endurance is 10 days. The crew consists of about 40 men.

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