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Russian Pacific Fleet’s combat ships leave Vladivostok to Asia-Pacific Region

Today a group of the Pacific Fleet’s ships consisting of the Pacific Fleet’s guards missile flagship Varyag of the Order of Nakhimov, the large antisubmarine ship Admiral Panteleyev and the medium sea tanker Pechenga has left Vladivostok and embarked on far-voyage tasks in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Russian Pacific Fleets combat ships leave Vladivostok to Asia Pacific Region 925 001 Varyag missile cruiser (Picture source: TASS)

The voyage will last three months. During this time the ships will carry out drills and training at the Russian-Chinese exercise "Maritime interaction-2018" and the Russian-Indian exercise Indra Navi-2018. The two combat ships will also visit a number of foreign ports in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Pacific Fleet (PF) is an operational-strategic association of the Navy of Russia. To perform the tasks the Pacific Fleet incorporates strategic missile submarines, multi-purpose nuclear-powered and diesel-driven submarines, surface ships for operations in oceanic and near-sea areas, naval missile-carrying aviation, antisubmarine and fighter aviation, ground troops, units of the ground and coastal troops.

Russian cruiser Varyag (Formerly-Chervona Ukraina), is the third ship of the Slava-class of guided missile cruisers built for the Soviet Navy now serving the Russian Navy. The vessel was launched in July 1983 and commissioned 16 October 1989. The warship joined the Pacific Fleet in 1990 and was listed as having only a caretaker crew up to 2002. The cruiser re-entered service with the Pacific Fleet in early 2008 after an overhaul.

The Admiral Panteleyev is an Udaloy-class destroyer ("large anti-submarine ship") of the Russian Navy. Part of the Russian Pacific Ocean Fleet, it was deployed in 2009 as part of operations to combat piracy off the Somalian coast. The Udaloy has two helicopter hangars with doors that serve as a ramp to the flight deck. The Udaloy’s air-defence system consists of 8 Klinok launchers, and the AK-630 and AK-100 gun mounts.

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