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Russian navy tanker vessel Akademik Pashin project 23130 became part of Northern Fleet

According to pictures released to the official website of the Russian MoD (Ministry of Defense), the newest tanker vessel "Akademik Pashin" project 23130 of the Russian Navy became a part of the Northern Fleet.

Russian navy tanker vessel Akademik Pashin project 23130 became part of Northern Fleet 925 001 Russian navy tanker vessel Akademik Pashin project 23130.  (Picture source Russia DoD)

The Akademik Pashin tanker vessel project 23130 completed a stage of trials in June 2019 to test the interaction between the crew and a helicopter. The trials were held in the framework of acceptance tests together with the Navy, Nevsky Shipyard said.

Project 23131 is a series of replenishment oilers, developed by the Spetssudoproect JSC and being constructed by the Zaliv shipyard for the Russian Navy since December 2014. It is a heavier version and further development of Project 23130 replenishment oiler Academic Pashin.

According to Russian Navy specification, the length of the tanker project 23130 was 130 meters, width of 20 meters, a draft of seven meters and a displacement of 12 thousand tons. Deadweight with draft of seven meters is about 7.5 thousand tons. Tankers were to carry up to three thousand tons of fuel oil, 2.5 thousand tons of diesel oil, 500 tons of aviation kerosene, 150 tons of lubricating oil, 1,000 tons of water, 100 tons of food and a hundred tons of equipment and spare parts.

The Russian Akademik Pashin Navy tankers will be used for logistic support ships and submarines, diesel fuel, fuel oil, jet fuel, engine oil, water, and food. The Project 23130 medium-sized tanker will be designed to store and transport fuel as well as dry cargo, and provide support to surface ships and submarines in peacetime and in wartime.