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Socarenam to produce new coastal boats intended to Maritime Gendarmerie

After the six future overseas patrol boats (POM) of the French Navy, Socarenam won the call to build new coastal patrol boats for the French Maritime Gendarmerie and designed for the maritime surveillance. A contract worth more than 19 million euros.

Socarenam to produce new coastal boats intended to Maritime Gendarmerie 925 001 Coastal patrol boats for the French Maritime Gendarmerie (Picture source: Socarenam)

According to Mer et Marine website, the call for tenders was initiated in March 2019 by the Directorate General of Armaments for the acquisition of four new VCSMs. Among the three offers received, the winner has been selected at the end of January 2020. These boats of just over 20 meters will complete the fleet of 24 VCSMs of the RPB 20 type delivered by CNB and Raidco Marine.

The primary missions of VSCM include maritime security, surveillance, patrolling and prevention of illegal immigration, drug trafficking and terrorism. The fleet will also work in tandem with the military, judicial and security agencies to accomplish these tasks. Two of them are intended to replace the two VCSM currently deployed in Guyana, while a third will be used to protect the waters of northern Brittany.

The VCSM boats in service with the French Coastguard are P601 Elorn; P602 Verdon; P603 Adour; P604 Scarpe; P605 Vertonne; P606 Dumbea; P607 Yser; P608 Argens; P609 Hérault; P610 Gravona; P611 Odet; P612 Maury; P613 Charente; P614 Tech; P615 Penfeld; P616 Trieux; P617 Vésubie; P618 Escaut; P619 Huveaune; P620 Sèvre; P621 Aber-Wrach; P622 Esteron; P623 Mahury; and P624 Organabo.

The VCSM boat integrates a double-chine deep-V hull design. The hulls, made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) materials, deliver excellent sea-keeping and high levels of comfort.

The VCSM boat has a length of 20m and width of 5.3m. The full load displacement of the vessel is 42t. The ship is provided with berthing facilities for seven to ten crew members.

The boats do not carry heavy armament, but light machine guns can be installed when needed. In addition, infantry small arms are carried by the crew.