New delays for Russian Navy first project 855 (Yasen class) SSN

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New delays for Russian Navy first project 855 (Yasen class) SSN
The Russian nuclear attack submarine Severodvinsk (Yasen class - project 855) will not enter service until 2013, reported the Interfax agency on Monday, citing a source of military-industrial complex. This is the 2nd delay striking the new submarine, the first having occurred during its launch.

"During trials, the Severodvinsk has shown that its nuclear reactor did not produce the expected power. And the submarine did not reach the required level of acoustic stealth. With such grave problems, the submarine can not be accepted by the Navy" the source said.
Another problem affecting the submarine is the lack of weapons, especially the new homing torpedoes.

"The new torpedoes with required characteristics are not yet ready. The torpedo that was designed, is extremely unstable and therefore can not be used to equip the submarines" said the source. He added that if the delays dragged on too long, the same type of torpedo as the one that exploded aboard the Kursk may have to be used.

By the end of 2012, the Severodvinsk will perform sea trials to test its missile systems, electronic warfare and internal systems. By 2021 defense shipyard Sevmash is expected to have built seven Yasen class submarines for the Russian Navy including six submarines with reinforced missile armament and reduced level of noise.