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About Navantia

The Spanish shipbuilder Navantia, 100% owned by the Spanish Government, is a world reference in the design, construction and integration of state-of-the-art war ships, as well as ship repairs & modernizations. It is also engaged in the design and manufacture of Integrated Platform Management Systems, Fire Control Systems, Combat Systems, Command and Control systems, Propulsion Plants and through life support for all its products. Even though its main line of activity is in the naval field, Navantia designs and manufactures systems for the Army and the Air Force, and it is a first class company in the development, fabrication and maintenance of engines, generator groups and turbines, as well.

Traditionally the principal client of Navantia has been the Spanish Navy. Nevertheless, Navantia has a clear target of diversifying his products and searching other clients. Navantia's bet for the internationalization is a reality.
Currently, Navantia has contracts with Australia, The United States, Norway, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
In the area of systems, Navantia has a specific division, Navantia Sistemas, center of excellence for the design, development and integration of complex systems of high technology, giving an added value as systems supplier, that differences Navantia from the rest of the traditional shipyards. It defines, develops, produces and integrates the Combat Systems for the naval units that Navantia builds, is responsible for the development of the Command and Control Systems, Communication Systems and Integrated Platform Management Systems, and it is working, as well, with the new models of support to the life cycle.

Navantia, heiress of a long tradition

The history of Navantia goes back to 1717, when the first modern shipyard of our country, the Royal Arsenal of La Carraca, was built. Later, the Arsenal of Cartagena was built in 1731 and the Arsenal of Ferrol in 1750. These military arsenals were dedicated to the construction and repair of Spanish Navy ships.
In 1908 the shipyards of Cartagena and Ferrol became part of the Naval Construction Society, which also included civil shipyards. At the end of the Spanish Civil War, the Government took control of the military arsenals and created Bazán in 1947. In the early 21st century, the Government created IZAR, a short project that marked the beginning of a new time: the merger of two long traditions in the Spanish naval industry: military shipbuilding (represented by the extinct Bazán) and civilian (grouped at the time under the also disappeared AESA).
Navantia, the Spanish public shipbuilding company , was born in 2005 as a result of the IZAR spin-off process and its fundamental objective is to improve its business efficiency.
The same docks and slipways, where the most technologically advanced ships (F-100 and F-310 frigates, S-80 submarines, LHD "Juan Carlos I" and Australian ALHDs) have now been built, witnessed historic milestones such as the development of large line ships inthe 18th century , the first mechanical propulsion ships or the world's first electric propulsion submarine, the "Isaac Peral".

Business Area

Naval Shipyard
Navantia has developed a complete family of ships with different sizes and adapted to different missions, sharing design standard and philosophy, so each product can benefit from what they have learned with previous patrol vessels. In addition, this mindset enhances the capability of adapting the desired design to the specific requirements of each client.

The Systems division of Navantia has extensive experience in the design, development, production and integration of: Combat Systems, Fire Control Systems, Integrated Communications Systems, Integrated Navigation and Bridge Systems and Integrated Platform Management Systems for any type of ship: patrol vessels, frigates, submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious vessels, minehunters, survey vessels and support ships. Additionally, Navantia has a long tradition in manufacturing and refurbishing artillery going back to the 18th century.

Navantia also provides solutions for the Army including: Battlefield Management Systems, Fire Control Systems, Forward Observer Systems, and surveillance systems providing security for both military and civilian strategic infrastructures, such as: military bases, coastlines, ports, harbours, and offshore platforms.

Through Life Support
The Through Life Support objective is to maximize the operational life and availability of your investments and upgrade their capabilities and performances during the whole life cycle. Solutions and services are tailored to meet unique and individual customer needs.

Company Details

Spanish state-owned company reference in the design and construction of high technology military and civilian vessels.


Calle Velázquez, 132
28006 Madrid, Spain
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +34 91 33 58 400

Navantia Naval Shipyard 


F-100 frigates

AMV Patria Duro Dakovic defense company Croatia 925 001
Last generation ships equipped with AEGIS system. Unique capability, able to detect and handle up to 90 targets simultaneously up to a distance of 600 km. It has built 10 frigates for the Spanish Navy and Royal Norwegian Navy and has provided design and technical assistance to the Royal Australian Navy for the construction of 3 AWD destroyers.

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LHD ships

AMV Patria Duro Dakovic defense company Croatia 925 001

Multipurpose, four possible missions and configurations: Marines Forces Projection, ARMY Forces Projection, Eventual Platform for Aircraft Carrier Operations and Non Combatant Operations, but not necessarily in simultaneous mode. It has built one unit for the Spanish Navy, two units for the Royal Australian Navy and has been selected to design two units for the Spanish Navy

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AMV Patria Duro Dakovic defense company Croatia 925 001

Moderately sized, high-performance ship with great versatility regarding missions (surveillance/protection of the economic zone, protection of maritime traffic, defence of strategic interests..), reduced crew and low acquisition and life cycle costs. It has built 6 units for the Spanish Navy and 8 for the Venezuelan Navy.

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S-80 submarines

AMV Patria Duro Dakovic defense company Croatia 925 001

Most advanced conventional submarine, with high level of discretion and mobility for reaching distant theatres. Currently it is building 4 units for the Spanish Navy.

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Replenishment Ships

AMV Patria Duro Dakovic defense company Croatia 925 001

Capable of supplying liquid fuels, water and solid provisions to a combat group or fleet. It has built three units for the Spanish Navy, last of them incorporating the latest environmental requirements, and two units for the Royal Australian Navy.

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