DAMEN Shipyard Unveils SIGMA 6110 Corvette at NAVDEX 2017

NAVDEX 2017 Online News Coverage - Damen SIGMA 6110
DAMEN Shipyard Unveils SIGMA 6110 Corvette at NAVDEX 2017
At NAVDEX 2017, the international naval defense exhibition currently held in Abu Dhabi, Damen Shipyards from the Netherlands is showcasing for the very first time a new member in the SIGMA family: The SIGMA 6110 corvette.
SIGMA 6110 NAVDEX IDEX 2017 Naval Defense Exhibition UAESIGMA Naval Patrol 6110 scale model at NAVDEX 2017
The vessel was designed to answer the specific needs of navies in the Gulf region. Its main missions are naval warfare, maritime security, humanitaryian and safety missions.

With a length of 61 meters and a beam of 10 meters, the SIGMA 6110 displaces 639 tonnes.
Its maximum speed is 32 knots, its range is 6000 nautical miles at 15 knots (4500 nautical miles at 18 knots). The endurance is 14 days. The crew is approximatly 30 sailors.

A company representative explained that equipment and systems configuration depend on customer needs but the scale model on display at NAVDEX 2017 was fitted with the following:
- 1x 76mm main gun
- 2x4 vertical launch systems for VL MICA surface to air missiles
- 1x NS 100 radar under a dome.
- 2x 30mm remote weapon stations with short range surface to air missiles
- 2x Rheinmetall MASS decoy launchers
- 4x Marte anti-ship missiles (in two launchers) located aft
- 1x RAM launcher located at the stern

There is one 7.25 meters RHIB that may be lowered via a davit.
SIGMA 6609 NAVDEX IDEX 2017 Naval Defense Exhibition UAEArtist impression of the slightly larger SIGMA Naval Patrol 6609. Picture: DAMEN