IDEX 2017: Lacroix Showcased its SYLENA MK2 Multiple Decoy Launcher for the 1st Time in the UAE

NAVDEX 2017 Online News Coverage - Lacroix Decoy Launcher
IDEX 2017: Lacroix Showcased its SYLENA MK2 Multiple Decoy Launcher for the 1st Time in the UAE
At IDEX 2017, the international defense exhibition held last week in Abu Dhabi, French company Lacroix was showcasing its SYLENA MK2 decoy launcher for the first time in the Emirates. It is a multiple decoy launcher designed to deploy three types of ammunitions: SEALEM, SEALIR and CANTO.
Raytheon RAM Block II UAE Navy IDEX NAVDEX 2017 news picture Lacroix was showcasing an actual SYLENA MK2 Decoy Launcher on its stand at IDEX 2017.
SEALEM is a corner reflector Radio-Frequency (RF) decoy: It is design to match the ship's RF signature to challenge advanced missile's CCM. It is able to defeat generic and emerging threats as well as multi-missile salvoes.

SEALIR is a morphologic Infra Red (IR) spectral decoy: It is design to match the ship's IR signature. It is capable of defeating the full range of traditional and modern IR seekers as well as the latest generation of imaging IR seekers.

CANTO (by DCNS) is an all in one broadband active acoustic emitter acting both as a jammer for dilution effect and as a false target generator for confusion effect. The extremely confused tactical picture forces the attacking torpedo(es) to waste time and energy finding the real target.

Navy Recognition reported last year during DIMDEX 2016 that the Egyptian Navy became the first customer of the SYLENA MK2, when it selected the system for its future Gowind corvettes.
Sylena MK 2 Lacroix Gowind corvette DCNS Sylena MK2 multiple decoy launcher fitted on a DCNS GOWIND class Corvette.
Talking to Navy Recognition during IDEX, a Lacroix representative explained that the SYLENA MK2 is the lightest decoy launcher of its kind available on the market today. It is very compact as well. It ensures superior protection to all kinds of vessels (fast attack crafts, OPV, OCV, frigates, etc.).

In the UAE, Lacroix is hopeful to fit its decoy launchers aboard the future corvettes of the UAE Navy. Several scale models or CGIs from various shipyards showcased at NAVDEX (the naval exhibition part of IDEX) were fitted with the SYLENA decoy launcher: The GOWIND corvette by DCNS, the AVANTE 500 corvette by NAVANTIA and the BR71/Baynunah MK2 corvette by CMN. For the CMN vessel, it is the SYLENA MK2 IN variant: The launcher is integrated into the structure of the ship and the top of the launcher is flush with the deck to maximise stealth.

The Lacroix representative stressed that the SYLENA family is platform agnostic, explaining that it has already been fitted on various designs such as ST Marine's OPVs built in Singapore.
Sylena MK 2 Lacroix Avante 500 Navantia Sylena decoy launcher fitted on a the AVANTE 500 class Corvette being proposed by Navantia to the UAE Navy. This design was unveiled at NAVDEX 2017.
Sylena MK 2 Lacroix BR71 Baynunah Mk2 CMN Sylena MK2 IN multiple decoy launcher fitted on the BR71 Baynunah MK2 corvette scale by CMN at NAVDEX 2017.