IMDS 2019: Lamantin-class aircraft carrier possible electromagnetic catapult

The prospective Lamantin-class aircraft carrier designed by Nevskoe Bureau may be equipped with an electromagnetic catapult, the bureau said at the naval salon IMDS 2019 in St. Petersburg. A model is displayed at the show.

imds 2019 lamantin class aircraft carrier electromagnetic catapult The Lamantin-class aircraft carrier at IMDS 2019

"The Lamantin is designed for various aircraft capable of fighting air, sea and ground targets in oceans, seas and coastal waters and to ensure combat sustainability of warship groupings and defend amphibious assault from an air attack," it said.

The Lamantin can be equipped with several types of accelerators for shipborne aircraft, including one sky jump, two electromagnetic catapults, and four arresters.

The Lamantin has a displacement of close to 90000 tons. It is 350-meter long and 41-meter wide. The draft is close to 12 meters. Full speed is close to 30 knots and the cruising capacity is 120 days. The crew comprises 2800 men and the airpower - 800 men.

Project 11430E aircraft carrier can carry 60 craft. The ammunition onboard can reach 1600-2000 tons. The equipment includes an automatic control system of the operational and tactical level, an integrated communications and data exchange set, an automatic ship control system, a complex system to control technical means, and an auxiliary power plant.

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