LIMA 2019: Rosoboronexport showcases new products

Rosoboronexport, the Russian weapons trader of Rostec, has organized a signle Russian display at LIMA-2019 in Langkawi, Malaysia. The Russian have more than 500 products on display, coming from nine defense companies, including Russian Helicopters, USC, UEC, High-Precision Complexes, Tecmash, Kronshtadt, and Vympel Shipyard.

LIMA 2019 Rosoboronexport showcases new products Rosoboronexport's booth at MILEX, Belarus (Picture Source : Army Recognition)

Rosoboronexport display unites companies such as STTs, Ak Bars, Zelenodolsk Shipyard which displays Karakurt-E-class small missile ship, Arsenal Design Bureau and Arsenal plant with mockups of A-192M shipborne artillery gun and AK-176MA automatic artillery gun.

"Malaysia is our traditional partner in military-technical cooperation. Its volume comprised close to $2 bln in 25 years. Today the relations demonstrate positive dynamic and sustainable development prospects. Rosoboronexport works in various guidelines, including end product supplies, after-sale services and modernization of aircraft delivered to Malaysia. We plan a series of events at LIMA-2019 to intensify our cooperation with the defense ministry and other law enforcement agencies of the country," Rosoboronexport CEO Alexander Mikheyev said.

"Rostec traditionally participates in LIMA show. It is an excellent possibility to display the latest Russian products and technologies on the territory of our long-standing and reliable partner with who we will expand cooperation. The participation in LIMA show will give a new impulse to cooperation both with Malaysia and the whole of Asia and the Pacific Rim," Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov said. The regional market accounts for close to 40 percent of the Russian arms trade.

Over 300 hundred exhibits have a major export potential in Asia and the Pacific Rim, including Kalashnikov AK-12 and AK-15 rifles, BT-3F armored personnel carrier, Il-76MD-90A(E) airlifter, Pantsir-ME seaborne artillery missile gun, and Orion-E drone. The company displays models of Su-35 fighter jet, Mi-171Sh transport helicopter, Ka-52 helicopter gunships, Mi-35M transport helicopter, Mi-28NE helicopter gunships, Gepard-3.9 frigate and diesel-electric submarines of projects 636 and 677E Amur-1650.

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