LIMA 2019: Russian Tecmash Concern displays air missiles and fuzes

The Russian defense company Tecmash Concern is displaying its various air missiles and fuzes, destined for various munitions, at LIMA 2019, taking place in Langkawi, Malaysia.

LIMA 2019 Russian Tecmash Concern displays air missiles and fuzes Tecmash Concern's booth at MILEX, Belarus (Picture Source : Army Recognition)

Key exhibits include unguided S-13-T air missile with double modular penetrating high-explosive and fragmentation warhead produced by Novosibirsk plant of artificial fiber. "The main mission of the missile is to destroy military hardware (aircraft and helicopters) in reinforced concrete shelters, concrete airstrips, targets behind solid obstacles, amphibious assault ships in coastal waters. It can pierce up to six meters of soil or one meter of reinforced concrete buried by 2-3 meters of soil. The missile can destroy up to 20 square meters of an airstrip," Novosibirsk plant CEO Rustam Ismailov said.

"In contrast to the previous S-13 option, S-13-T air missile is armed with a warhead comprising two modules with fuzes. The design increased the effectiveness and the destruction force," Tecmash CEO Vladimir Lepin said.

UVD-60 fuze for seaborne multiple launch rocket systems is for the first time demonstrated in Asia and the Pacific Rim. It effectively explodes the charge after contacting underwater targets at a depth of 100-350 meters. I-346 fuze is used for universal electric remotely guided homing TE-2 torpedoes. The fuze is highly safe and reliable in emergency situations. The display features unguided S-130F missiles designed to destroy light armor. Its warhead splits into fragmentation of 25-35 grams. It also has a turbojet high effectiveness jamming munition AZ-TSR-47 for PK-2 complex.

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