DEFEA 2021: International Naval Defense Industry to present latest generation of frigates

DEFEA 2021, Defense Exhibition in Athens will also see the participation of national and international naval defense companies. The naval shipbuilding industry will present the latest developments in warship design as well as the prospects for developing platforms suitable for the 21st' century maritime supremacy.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001DEFEA will also involve the International Naval Defense Industry.  (Picture source DEFEA 2021)

Despite being a member of the EU and NATO, Greece is geographically situated in a conflict-prone region where the use of force in inter-state relations may still be considered as an option. Therefore, in order to safeguard its security, the challenge for a status quo country like Greece in the early twenty-first century will be to broaden and deepen its ties with its EU and NATO partners, at a time of internal and external adaptation of these organizations.

The Hellenic Navy should maintain technological superiority. The acquisition of force multipliers, in the form of C4I systems, advanced weapons and electronic warfare systems should be a priority. The acquisition of over-the-horizon maritime-borne strike capability will provide a significant operational capability and a strategic advantage against potential aggressors. Sustainability in the conduct of maritime operations in the Aegean cannot be neglected.

It seems that the multi-role Frigate will continue to be the main unit of the Hellenic Navy. A modern multi-role frigate has operational capabilities in line with operational requirements, personnel limitations and logistical support capabilities. Increased air defense capabilities in the field of area defense, which are absent from current operational capabilities, should be given high priority.
The Hellenic Navy's fleet of warships and auxiliary boats is harbored in the two major HN naval bases at Salamis Island near Piraeus and at Souda Bay on the island of Crete. Internationally, the Navy used the prefix HS (Hellenic Ship) for its vessels.

The Hellenic Navy relies mainly on frigates as its primary surface heavy boats. The fleet consists of thirteen frigates. The types operated are the Hydra class (Type: Meko-200HN) and the Elli class (Type: Kortenaer). The Elli class frigates HS Elli and HS Limnos were sold to Greece during construction, the rest were bought directly from the Dutch Navy. The Hydra class vessels were constructed in Greece by Hellenic Shipyards Co., except from HS Hydra that was constructed by the German company Blohm and Voss based in Hamburg.

The acquisition of new frigates for the Hellenic Navy is a top priority for the Greek government, as well as the upgrade of existing warships. Greece could invest 5 billion euro’s in the acquisition of four new frigates. DEFEA is a unique opportunity for shipyard companies to present the latest generation of frigates and submit state-of-the-art ships to the Hellenic Navy.