DEFEA 2021: Escape Engineering showcases Customized USV boats

The Greek company Escape Engineering showcases Customized Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) boats during DEFEA 2021, the International Defense Exhibition.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001Customized USV boats (Picture source: Army Recognition)

For professional hydrographic surveying, USV systems may be customized to individual customer requirements. The boat may be purchased with the desired depth sounder pre-installed, or supplied ready to accept the user's existing sensors. Similarly, customized cabling can be included allowing the boat to accept existing GPS, GNSS and RTK positioning systems. For a turnkey survey-grade system, the USV's can be outfitted with single-beam, multibeam, and side scan sonar systems.

The sensors supplied are compatible with hydrographic data acquisition software such as HYPACK, HYDROpro, QINSY, PDS2000, and uses the standard NMEA data format for data interface.

Depending on the type of application we supply USV platforms designed by our company or in cooperation with other suppliers.

The USV from both brands are remotely controlled electric surface vessels designed to make safe, unmanned measurements of currents, bathymetry, and discharge with ADCPs. Both are fully customizable with a computer, GPS, dept sounder and a variety of other instruments.

The USV has a width of 120 cm, an autonomy of 8 hours, and can carry up to 45 kg (100lb) of payload.