DEFEA 2021: Ssmart and Signaal Hellas showcases Lirod Mk2 system

SSMART S.A. and Signaal Hellas S.A. are two uniquely structured state-of-the-art companies, focused in specialised defence hardware production and services, primarily for naval applications and software production for real-time environments for the defence as well as the broader civilian markets. At DEFEA 2021, the companies showcase Thales Lirod Mk2 sensor system.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001Lirod MK2 sensor system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

SSMART and Signaal Hellas are the exclusive authorised service, overhaul, Integrated Logistic Support and software maintenance providers in Greece for all Thales Nederland B.V. products and services.

LIROD MK2 is a flexible and compact sensor system, most suitable as an accurate, low cost, all-weather tracker for fire control systems.

The system has been designed for as the primary gun control system onboard of smaller ships, against both surface and air targets, and as a secondary system in larger configurations. With an appropriate gun, it is suitable for CIWS functions. LIROD Mk2 is also capable of controlling short-range missiles.

The radar system operates in the K-band, and applies a new, powerful TWT transmitter to improve the performance under adverse conditions. The antenna is of an ellipsoid design to achieve the best low elevation performance against sea-skimming targets, while maintaining fast target acquisition against manoeuvring targets.

LIROD Mk2 has been purchased by the navies of Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, Morocco and Thailand.