DEFEA 2021: Armacraft displays Trident MK II Combat Diver Delivery Craft

Armacraft, a leading manufacturer/ designer of small to medium-sized high-speed military craft, displays a model of Trident MK II Combat Diver Delivery Craft at Vanos stand, during DEFEA.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001A model of Trident MK II Combat Diver Delivery Craft (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

Trident MK II CDDC is a 12-man Combat Diver Delivery Craft designed for a wide range of covert operations, insertions and extraction of combat diver units.

The Trident MK II CDDC features state-of-the-art propulsion systems that enable the craft to operate in three modes: Surface, Semi Submerged and Submerged.

The MK2 uses two hub-less 32kW Rim Driven Thrusters (RDT) capable to reach up to 9 knots dash speed in fully submerged mode, recommended economical cruising speed is 4-6 knots. On the surface propulsion, Trident uses a 500 hp diesel engine with a waterjet. The engine is placed in a watertight enclosure with a snorkel system providing air to the motor.

CDDC is equipped with a 90-degree FOV camera pointing down so the operator gets increased situational awareness and can observe the area underneath. It is also equipped with sonar so the operator can detect objects that the optics might not see.

The MK II has a NATO gun mount located on the roof for a variety of armament choices.