Euronaval 2022: Elettronica presents Adrian naval counter-UAV system and other capabilities

Elettronica Group is exhibiting the panoply of its solutions and capabilities applicable to the naval and maritime security domains. Elettronica has over seven decades of experience in the Electromagnetic Support Operations (EMSO) domain. This includes the provision of Electronic Warfare (EW) systems and expertise to navies around the world.

Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Elettronica Group is exhibiting the panoply of its solutions and capabilities applicable to the naval and maritime security domains (Picture source: Elettronica Group)

Elettronica is providing the EW systems equipping the Italian Navy’s new PPA-class vessels and LHD, covering the whole COMMS and RADAR spectrum for surveillance, detection and analysis, and with the most advance jamming countermeasures based on GaN state-of-the-art modules.

At Euronaval, the spotlight is put on the new generation of EWS suite for submarines. Elettronica has been awarded by the Italian Navy with the contract for supplying its new generation EWS suite for the new U212 NFS submarines. The EWS suite is characterized by a new highly innovative integrated antenna, able to cover the whole Radar and Comms Spectrum, allowing detection and direction finding with outstanding performances.

Further new naval EMSO solutions are presented, including the Adrian (Anti-Drone Interception, Acquisition and Neutralisation) counter-drone system for naval and maritime security vessels. Adrian uses multispectral radar, optronics and acoustic sensors to detect and identify drones. These are then safely engaged and neutralized by a jammer attacking the drone’s radio link. The jammer can be used reactively once a threat has been detected, or proactively to prevent a drone from entering a specific area.

The plethora of EW systems adorning a vessel must be managed to ensure that ships and submarines respond in a timely and efficient manner to threats. Elettronica’s EW Manager is a computer-aided command and control system integrating all electronic warfare subsystems. Threat information can be fused via the EW Manager and shared with other users, on or off the vessel. As well as integrating its own electronic warfare products, the EW Manager can work with third-party products from other suppliers.

The countermeasures naval capability of Elettronica can be further extended to the InfraRed spectrum though its Naval DIRCM system, able to protect the ship against the emerging new I/R Threats.

Visitors to Elettronica’s stand can learn about the host of other capabilities and services the company offers in the EMSO domain. This includes the activities of its Elettronica GmbH subsidiary specializing in homeland security and its CY4GATE cyberwarfare center of excellence. Elettronica has a long-standing tradition in the naval sector and a strong record of successful domestic and international collaboration on key platforms like the Franco-Italian Horizon and FREMM-class ships, the NFH-90 naval helicopter and a wide range of projects in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.