Seafuture 2021: MBDA showcases Teseo Mk2 / E anti-ship missile for first time

MBDA presents for the first time a 1: 1 scale model of the Teseo Mk2 / E anti-ship missile at SEAFUTURE2021 in La Spezia. Now under a development contract for the Italian Navy, Teseo Mk2 / E is a new generation of the Teseo family, known worldwide as OTOMAT.m.

Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Model of Teseo Mk2 / E anti-ship missile for the first time (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

SEAFUTURE2021 is an ideal event to unveil this weapon system as the event is taking place in La Spezia. This is the location of the MBDA site where the new system is taking shape, which is the home of the Italian anti-ship missile par excellence.

MBDA’s presence at SEAFUTURE2021 is a perfect occasion to show the most advanced strategic capabilities and the most recent naval products the company offers in the Naval defence sector worldwide. They are the answer new operational requirements and can counteract ever-evolving threats.

Innovation is the watchword for MBDA at SEAFUTURE2021. In addition to the debut of Teseo MK2 / E, the company is also showcasing several new systems at the event. MARTE-ER, for fixed and rotary-wing platforms. CAMM-ER, which, can be integrated into the new Albatros NG naval system. Plus, the latest version of the ASTER missile, the B1 NT, recently under a contract as well, to make it more and more performing.

ASTER is a fundamental component in the SAAM ESD (Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile) naval defence system. The B1 NT version will equip the new PPA (multipurpose offshore patrol vessels) of the Italian Navy, with the system being able to carry out both point and area defence, as well as an anti-ballistic missile function.

The TESEO MK2/E integrates a state-of-the-art dual-mode homing head section including both coherent new RF-seeker with ECCM capability and EO sensor for high precision engagement, for sea and land targets.

It includes innovative mission planning which provides a fast reaction time with automatic firing solution, while planned mission parameters are adjustable by weapon system operator according to real time tactical picture. It can count on a two-way data link system for mission control up to the end of the engagement, to allow target update and reassignment and mission abort.

It performs a high subsonic cruise speed and high-G terminal manoeuvrability with an effective range in excess of 350 km at sea-skimming level. It has a fully autonomous integrated INS/GPS and radio-altimeter navigation system with self-adapted sea skimming and fly over-land capability. It delivers lethal effect through an effective scalable, semi-piercing/high explosive warhead.