OSI Maritime Systems Completes Type 26 IBS ECPINS Integration Critical Design Review

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OSI Maritime Systems Completes Type 26 IBS ECPINS Integration Critical Design Review
OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) announced the completion of the critical design review for the integration of its Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System (ECPINS) into the UK Royal Navy Type 26 Global Combat Ships Integrated Bridge System (IBS).
OSI Maritime Systems Completes Type 26 IBS ECPINS Integration Critical Design ReviewRoyal Navy's future Type 26 Global Combat Ship Frigate. Picture: BAE Systems.
The integration is part of a program to replace the UK Royal Navy’s (RN) Type 23 frigates with eight Type 26 Global Combat Ships. The ships will undertake three core roles: defence, maritime security, and international engagement.

"This complex and difficult integration will be carried out exclusively for the Royal Navy and the Type 26 program," said Ken Kirkpatrick, President & CEO, OSI Maritime Systems. "The RN’s decision to replace the OEM ECDIS embedded in the IBS, with ECPINS, underlines the capability delivered by our navigation and tactical software and its tremendous utility as a NATO STANAG 4564 complaint application."

ECPINS is independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564, and can be delivered as a standalone WECDIS solution or embedded in OSI’s warship IBS solution, Integrated Navigation & Tactical System (INTS).

"Integrating into a third-party IBS architecture inevitably leads to compromise, such as non-compliance to INS standards and never quite unlocking the full utility of ECPINS," concluded Mr. Kirkpatrick. “In comparison, OSI’s INTS is based upon a fully IMO compliant Integrated Navigation System and is the only IBS/INS that includes the IMO compliant use of ECPINS.”

INTS is purpose built for warship retrofits or new builds and has third-party Marine Equipment Directive (MED) Type Approval certification as an Integrated Navigation System (INS). INTS is being delivered to multiple navies, and in combination with ECPINS, provides one of the most complete warship navigation and tactical systems available.

The UK Government committed to eight Type 26 Global Combat Ships in its 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review which are needed to provide the critical Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) protection to the Continuous at Sea Deterrent and the new Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers. The Type 26 Global Combat Ships will in time replace the eight ASW Type 23 Frigates, be globally deployable and capable of undertaking a wide range of roles from high intensity warfare to humanitarian assistance, either operating independently or as part of a task group.