Russian Navy Slava-class Cruiser Varyag in ASuW, AAW and Coastal Target Drills

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Russian Navy Slava-class Cruiser Varyag in ASuW, AAW and Coastal Target Drills
The Russian Pacific Fleet’s Guards missile cruiser Varyag detected and destroyed high-speed targets in the stratosphere while accomplishing the K-2 task, Russian Eastern Military District spokesman for the Pacific Fleet Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Matveyev told TASS.
Varyag guided missile cruiser The Slava-class Cruiser Varyag
"Two flights of Sukhoi Su-35S [NATO reporting name: Flanker-E] fighter jets took off from the Tsentralnaya Uglovaya airfield near Vladivostok [in Russia’s Far East] and were tracked by the crews of Fort [SA-N-6 Grumble] air defense missile systems," Matveyev said.

"The crews performed simulated missile launches to destroy planes imitating the enemy’s air raid and approaching the ship from various directions at altitudes of more than 15 kilometers [9 miles] as they got in range of the ship’s Fort SAM systems," he added.

The cruiser’s crew also practiced firing the Osa-MA (SA-8 Gecko) air defense missile system on aerial targets in a live-firing exercise.
P 1000 Vulcan Russia Cruise Varyag A P-1000 Vulkan missile is launched from missile cruiser Varyag in 1994
The cruiser Varyag will also fire its guns on coastal targets and a towed practice target that will simulate the enemy’s surface ship and weapon emplacements.

The live-firing maneuvers will be held at various ranges amid heavy countermeasures.

After the live-firing exercises, the ship’s crew will interact with a Pacific Fleet Kamov Ka-27 (Helix) helicopter to practice antisubmarine warfare.

The ship will also practice electronic warfare and NBC protection and hold a ship survivability exercise.

The K-2 task allows training the crew to operate the ship and its weapons and assessing the preparedness of the ship and the crew to accomplish missions and fight alone in various operational and tactical environments.

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