Bangladesh Navy Commissions Two Type 035G Diesel-Electric Submarines from China

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Bangladesh Navy Commissions Two Type 035G Diesel-Electric Submarines from China
First ever in history Bangladesh Navy has inducted two submarines `BNS Nobojatra’ and `BNS Joyjatra’ to its fleet. Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina handed over commissioning warrants to the Commanding Officers of the two submarines and unveiled the name of plaques, Sunday (12-3-2017) through a ceremony as per naval tradition at the Naval Base BNS Issa khan in Chittagong.
Bangladesh Type 035G Diesel Electric Submarines from China 2The commissioning ceremony. Photo: Bangladesh Navy.
Citing the day as a special day for Bangladesh, Hon’ble Prime Minister said that the nation,
especially Bangladesh Navy, has stepped into a new chapter on the day. The government has drawn short and long term plans that would be materialized by 2030 to transform Bangladesh Navy to an effective three-dimensional force, she added. Mentioning that Navy has acquired highest number of ships in a short period the Prime Minister expected that Bangladesh will gradually achieve self-sufficiency in building warships by building ships in the Navy operated Khulna Shipyard and Chittagong Dry Dock in near future.

The two Type 035G diesel-electric submarines (SSK) have been procured by the navy of Bangladesh under a Government to Government (G2G) contact signed in 2013 (worth about 200 million USD). The two SSKs were formerly in Chinese Navy (PLAN) service and have been refurbished. Part of the deal includes formation and training.
Bangladesh Type 035G Diesel Electric Submarines from China 1The commissioning ceremony. Photo: Bangladesh Navy.
The first Type 035G of the PLAN was laid down at the Wuchang Shipyard in 1988 and commissioned two years later. 12 units were built, with six olded Type 035s that were retrofitted to the same level.

This variant is derived from the Soviet Project 633: It measures 76 meters long, 7.6 meters wide, and displaces slightly more than 2,000 tons while submerged. It is equipped with a French low frequency passive sonar DUUX-5 and coated with anechoic tiles to improve its acoustic characteristics. According to the Bangladesh Navy press release, these submarines can perform a number of other special tasks, like reconnaissance and special forces delivery, as well. Through induction of these two submarines, the capability of Bangladesh Navy to safeguard the security and sovereignty of the newly established sea area of the country will increase significantly.

It should be noted that the Bangladesh Navy is equipped with several ships manufactured in China. Apart from the second hand frigates - a Type 053H1 and two Type 053H2 - it also received two new C13B corvettes in 2015 that are derived from the Type 056 of the Chinese Navy.