IDEF 2017: LACROIX Showcasing its SYLENA Mk2 Naval Decoy Launcher

IDEF 2017 Naval News - Lacroix Sylena Mk2
IDEF 2017: LACROIX Showcasing its SYLENA Mk2 Naval Decoy Launcher
At IDEF 2017, the international defense exhibition currently held in Istanbul, French company Lacroix is showcasing its Sylena Mk2 decoy launcher for the first time in Turkey. Sylena could provide optimal corvette and frigate protection to the Turkish Navy (MILGEM, Air Defence Frigate TF-2000, etc.)
IDEF 2017: LACROIX Showcasing its SYLENA Mk2 Naval Decoy LauncherLacroix stand at IDEF 2017 with the SYLENA Mk2 decoy launcher.
The growing need for ship self-protection in the age of sophisticated threats
For over 25 years, powerful calculation capabilities and the miniaturization of electronic components have driven unprecedented advances in missile and torpedo homing device technology, making them highly discriminating with respect to standard techniques employed by conventional countermeasures.

The latest generation of missile homing devices can instantaneously analyze the target’s spectral, spatial and temporal data and reject any radar echoes or infrared radiation that are not emitted by a ship’s signature. Most missiles today reject standard decoys employing metal strips (chaff) or infrared compositions.

In the same way, standard countermeasures are systematically rejected by advanced torpedoes.

In order to counter the latest threats, recent technological developments have significantly enhanced countermeasures’ credibility and effectiveness.

The Etienne Lacroix Group has developed and perfected a new generation of systems and countermeasures capable of defeating the latest threats:
- the SEACLAD range of naval munitions, which currently equips over 40 navies. It has been qualified and is in service with numerous navies around the world in the most extreme environments, from the coldest to the warmest seas.
- the Sylena range of decoy launchers: from the light weight model to the Sylena MK2, each system is adapted to missile and/or torpedo threats.
IDEF 2017: LACROIX Showcasing its SYLENA Mk2 Naval Decoy LauncherCGI of the Istanbul-class frigate on the Turkish Navy stand at IDEF 2017.
SYLENA LW and SYLENA MK2: easily integrable, light and compact decoy launchers.
The SEACLAD range can be deployed by the SYLENA decoy-launching system manufactured by LACROIX.
From patrol boats to corvettes, SYLENA LW system offers an array of flexible and modular solutions capable of being integrated in the ship’s combat system (CMS: Combat Management System) or otherwise.
Lighter and more compact than competitors’ traditional technologies, SYLENA LW is particularly suitable for modernizing existing vessels and for equipping new platforms. LACROIX proposes this system for the Turkish MILGEM corvette project.
With regard to the projected modernization of the Perry Class frigates and the new TF2000 project, Lacroix proposes its Sylena MK2 decoy launcher as an anti-torpedo solution.
Be among the first to see Lacroix's latest generation SYLENA MK2 launcher and its range of countermeasure solutions at stand F223 in the French Pavilion!