Turkish Navy MILGEM-class Corvette TCG Büyükada is at IDEF 2017

IDEF 2017 Naval News - TCG Büyükada
Turkish Navy MILGEM-class Corvette TCG Büyükada is at IDEF 2017
At IDEF 2017, the international defense exhibition currently held in Istanbul, Turkey, visitors of the show can visit TCG Büyukada, a MILGEM class corvette of the Turkish Navy.
Turkish Navy MILGEM-class Corvette TCG Büyükada is at IDEF 2017Turkish Navy MILGEM-class Corvette TCG Büyukada at IDEF 2017
TCG Büyukada was named after Büyukada, an island of the Prince Islands archipelago in the Sea of Marmara, to the Southeast of Istanbul. TCG Büyukada is the second ship of the "National Vessel Project" MILGEM class. The mission of this class of corvette is to protect the interests of the Republic of Turkey at sea, via establishing deterrence and prevention by:
- Show of flag in all areas of interest
- Performing effective and continuous reconnaissance, surveillance and patrol missions
- Carrying out counter-terrorism activites at sea
- Executing SAR missions
- Executing ASW operations at open seas and littoral waters, identifying and destroying targets
- Performing coordinated operations with other naval and air assets taking part in sea control operations.
TCG Büyukada is a monohull displacement vessel which is developed to meet the requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces Command with respect to speed, seakeeping and stability. The ship's overall length is 99.5 meters and the maximum beam is 14.4 meters. With her 2400 tons displacement and 3.9 meters draft, TCG Büyukada is fully operational at sea state 5 and partially operational at sea state 6. With her 32 MW propulsion power, she has a maximum speed of 29+ knots.

MILGEM is design to embark a 10-ton helicopter with platform, hangar and extensie service and handling equipment. Helicopter operations can be performed at sea state 4. MILGEM is designed to accommodate 106 sailors including the flight crew. The total accommodation is 108 including sickbay.