Russia's Zelenodolsk shipyard to deliver two Gepard frigates to Vietnam this year

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Russia's Zelenodolsk shipyard to deliver two Gepard frigates to Vietnam this year
The Zelenodolsk shipyard in Tatarstan will deliver to Vietnam two Gepard-3.9 frigates by the end of the year, President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov told TASS during a working visit to Vietnam.
Gepard-5.1 Frigate VPNS Dinh Tien Hoang of the Vietnam's People Navy during the Republic of Singapore Navy International Maritime Review (IMR) on 15 May 201
"The Gorky shipyard in Zelenodolsk prepared four Gepard frigates for the Defense Ministry of Vietnam. Two of them are already operational. The other two are to be supplied to Vietnam by the end of the year," he said.

Four project 11661 Gepard-class frigates were ordered for the Vietnamese Navy at the Gorky shipyard in Zelenodolsk. In 2011 the enterprise delivered the first two warships to Vietnam, the third Gepard was floated in April 2016 and the fourth in May 2017. The warships are designated to search for and fight submarines, surface ships and air targets, patrolling and escorting operations, as well as the protection of economic sea zone. They are armed with artillery, antiship, antiaircraft and antisubmarine weapons.
Project 11661K Gepard-class Dagestan frigate launching Kalibr-NK in early October 2015
Russia has been for decades a partner of Vietnam in military-technical cooperation. Contracts worth over 4.5 bln dollars were signed in the past years for the delivery of the latest Russian armaments. The biggest of them included the contract to buy multirole Su-30MK2 fighter jets which was estimated at close to one billion dollars, as well an agreement to supply six project 636.1 submarines worth over 2 bln dollars. Besides, Vietnam is producing project 1241.8 Molniya-class missile boats by a Russian license.

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