Russian Navy to Upgrade Tu-142 MPA with SVP-24 Targeting System

The Russian Navy’s naval aviation plans to upgrade Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft, including with the aid of SVP-24 system that has been used in Syria, Igor Kozhin, head of the Marine Aviation said in an interview to the Zvezda TV channel.

Russian Navy to Upgrade Tu 142 MPA with SVP 24 Targeting System A Tu-142 flying over a Kirov-class cruiser

"We’re working on the Tu-142 and are prepared to mount a new system on it. This will increase several-fold the capabilities of this aircraft. In addition, we give it a multifunctional feature, enabling it to accurately bombard and use the new SVP-24 system which has proved successful in our recent conflicts," he said.

Kozhin pointed out that today this aircraft "is becoming a multi-role machine."

The Russian Navy’s marine aviation plans to use the Il-114 as a close-in maritime zone patrol aircraft. "We’re studying in detail these aircraft, including the Il-114. The work goes on, and we’ve got an engineering prototype flying with all sorts of onboard systems. We’re trying to adapt it to various functions, to produce the most effective machine in its class," the officer said. According to Kozhin, "this aircraft will be used to protect the close-in maritime zone. The demand for the aircraft will depend on the results of the test."

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