ECA Group raises its submarine equipment activities – static converters supply to several Navies for €6 million

ECA Group announces it has been awarded a contract to supply static converters in South America. This contract covers the supply of 16 units of static converters to the shipyard SIMA and Peruvian Navy to be replaced on four type-U209 v.1200 submarines.

peruvian submarine u209 v1200 1 PHOTO: PERUVIAN NAVY

This project of modernization, staggered over almost seven years for four submarines, will allow the Peruvian Navy to keep for another fifteen years its current submarine force, particularly in the expectation of a project of acquisition of new generation submarines around 2035.

ECA Group’s submarine applications activities have significantly increased over the past 18 months.

In 2017, ECA Group has been awarded two contracts to equip two South East Asian navies with Static Converters. With this new South American award from the Peruvian Navy, nine submarines (with an option for two more) from various submarines building companies, will be equipped with up to date ECA Group’s solutions combining high technical level and competitiveness as all of these contracts were won on a competition basis.

The three contracts worth around €6 million in total, the latest contract being the largest. The delivery of these converters is scheduled for the next four years.

ECA Group solutions for submarine power conversion have now a key place on the submarine market, being compatible for any submarine design type. The technical characteristics of ECA Group Energy Conversion solutions have been appreciated by several navies. Based on sea proven solutions, integrating the latest technology, delivering high efficiency performance in a package compatible with the harshest environment conditions aboard a submarine, ECA Group solutions are now a world reference.

ECA Group is anticipating Future Submarine Program in Australia for which these references shall make mark of interest.

ECA Group and Thycon have signed a MoU to join their skills on this project (see news published on 9th October 2017). In parallel, ECA Group is proposing these solution to French MoD for the future submarine program.