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Russia: repaired Novorossiysk sub will participate in Navy Day parade in Sevastopol

The repaired Novorossiysk submarine and another seven warships of the Black Sea Fleet will be demonstrated to the public on the Russian Navy Day parade in Sevastopol, the Black Sea Fleet’s information department said.

Russia repaired Novorossiysk sub will participate in Navy Day parade in Sevastopol Novorossiysk project 636.3 submarine (Picture source: Igor Terokhin )

Experts of the Sevastopol Marine Plant (Sevmorzavod) and the Admiralty Shipyards have finished the dockside repairs of the Novorossiysk project 636.3 submarine of the Black Sea Fleet. The submarine has undergone its first major overhaul since it was handed over to the fleet in 2014. The submarine’s repairs near the sea wall will continue for another few days.

"The festivities will open with the raising of the St. Andrew’s flag and the colors on the Black Sea Fleet ships. A parade of warships will begin in the Sevastopol harbor afterwards. It will be followed by a military sport festival, which will comprise 19 episodes to demonstrate the fleet’s capabilities to fulfill tasks as intended. Eight warships and vessels of the Black Sea Fleet will be moored at barrel buoys in two lines. They include the Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser Moskva; the Admiral Grigorovich frigate; the Smetlivyi patrol ships, the Vyshniy Volchyok small missile ship, the Novorossiysk submarine [etc]," the fleet said.

A theatrical show to be staged on July 28 will tell everything about the history of the Black Sea Fleet. After the show the fleet’s minesweepers will demonstrate how they search for and destroy the minefields and anti-submarine forces and search for submarines. The spectators will have a chance to see elements of a naval artillery combat; fire suppression of anti-airborne defense of the conditional adversary; a fight preceding a landing operation; the liberation of a terrorist-held vessel and evacuation of the crew from a distressed ship. The Black Sea Fleet's support vessels will demonstrate 'fountains on the water" and "the waltz of tugboats". The parachutists will perform a stick jump.

According to the Black Sea Fleet, more than 30 warships, submarines and boats; 11 auxiliary vessels, about 40 flying craft and around 35 units of hardware of the Black Sea Fleet’s army corps will participate in the naval parade and the military sport festival.

"Weapons and military hardware will be demonstrated on Nakhimov Square in the afternoon. The residents and guests of Sevastopol will have a chance to visit the terminal of the Sevastopol Marine Port to see warships and boats. A concert and fireworks over the Sevastopol bay will wrap up the celebrations of the Russian Navy Day in Sevastopol," the fleet’s sources said.

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