MAY 2019 news

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In a burst of fire and smoke, Royal Navy warship HMS Defender has tested her world-beating missile system off the coast of Scotland. Blasting from the Type 45 destroyer’s silo, the missile of the Sea Viper system flew four times the speed of sound before obliterating an incoming drone target designed to simulate a hypersonic projectile attack on the ship.

Today, on May 22, the Belgium Naval & Robotics consortium, composed of Naval Group and ECA Group, was awarded the contract to supply twelve mine-hunting vessels to the Belgian and Dutch navies. Equipped with around 100 drones, constituting approximately ten drone systems (toolboxes), six ships are destined for the Belgian Navy, while the other six will be delivered to the Dutch Navy.

New big amphibious assault ships of project 11711 will be able to transport speedboats of projects 03160 and 02510. Besides, they will carry helicopters to support Marines. The new warships are likely to participate in landing and humanitarian operations in distant regions, the Izvestia daily writes.

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