PLAN landing ship group conducted exercises in the Yellow Sea

Recently, a landing ship group attached to the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA Navy, or PLAN) conducted a four-day round-the-clock real combat drill in waters of the Yellow Sea.

PLAN landing ship group conducted exercises in the Yellow Sea The Type 072A amphibious landing ship (Picture Source: Chinanews)

More than 10 different military aspects were conducted in sequences, including naval gun firing, joint search and rescue, inspection and arrest, NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection and navigation under complicated meteorological conditions etc. The drill tested the cooperation and coordination level of front-line operating officers and soldiers.

Type 072A landing ships are the latest landing ships of the PLA Navy. A total of 15 ships have been identified, with most of them assigned to the 6th Detachment of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) South Sea Fleet at Zhanjiang.

They received the NATO reporting name of Yuting II. Derived from the Type 072III, the most obvious visual difference between the Type 072A and all earlier models of the Type 072 series is that the step of the stepped superstructure on all earlier models has been eliminated.

In addition, the Type 072A is designed to accommodate air-cushioned landing craft by incorporating a deck well. Like its predecessor the Type 072III, the Type 072A has a helipad but no hangar.

The Type 072A is designed to carry 10 tanks, 4 landing craft, a medium helicopter and air cushioned vehicles; a total of 250 fully armed troops can be carried.