Admiral Gorshkov frigate trains antisubmarine warfare in Pacific

The Admiral Gorshkov frigate of the Northern fleet continues its long sortie and trained to search for submarines. The exercise was held in central Pacific to the southeast of Hawaii, the fleet said.

Admiral Gorshkov frigate trains antisubmarine warfare in Pacific Admiral Gorshkov Russian frigate (Picture source:

"The Admiral Gorshkov trained to search for submarines with acoustic sensors and naval Ka-27 helicopter," it said.

The helicopter searched with a dipped acoustic station. The torpedo unit trained compelling a submarine to surface and engaging all antisubmarine arms.

The group of warships led by the Admiral Gorshkov will for several days train air defense and hold an exercise to assist a vessel in distress.

The group of Northern fleet warships left Severomorsk on February 26. Besides the frigate, it comprises the Elbrus supply vessel, the Kama tanker and the Nikolai Chiker rescue tug. The warships have sailed over 20.2 thousand nautical miles.

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