Russian frigate Yaroslav Mudryi fires missiles at sea

On planned exercise of the Baltic Fleet involving military commands, formations and units, the crews of Project 11540 frigate Yaroslav Mudryi performed missile firing at air and sea targets, the WMD press service reports.

Frigate Yaroslav Mudryi fires missiles at sea 925 001 Yaroslav Mudry missile frigate (Picture source: Russian Ministry of Defense)

"At the Baltic Fleet test ranges the ship’s crew performed a number of events practicing the rebuff of a simulated enemy’s aerial threats and neutralization of sea targets," the report says.

The ship-based radar detection systems acquired and tracked two groups of air targets. The Fleet’s Marine Aviation Su-24M frontline bombers and Ka-27 antisubmarine helicopters that simulated high-speed and low-flying air targets were used as a foe.

The ship activated the electronic warfare systems and put up active and passive interference. On approaching the fire line, the patrol ship crew performed missile artillery firing using the ship-based Kinzhal and Kortik missile/gun air defense systems which destroyed the enemy aircraft. Following the destruction of the air targets, the specialists of the ship’s missile/gun unit fired at small ship-based shields that simulated a group of enemy battleships. The firing eliminated all the threats.

Around 1,000 troops took part in the command post exercise supervised by Admiral Alexander Nosatov, Baltic Fleet Commander. It involved some ten battleships, cutters, and support vessels, over ten fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and more than 50 units of military and special-purpose equipment. The drills are held in compliance with the Fleet’s 2019 combat training plan.

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