French Company ECA Group has won a contract to modernize mine clearance capacities for a foreign Navy

French Company ECA Group has been awarded a significant export contract to modernize robots dedicated to naval mine warfare. The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Ever since 1936 it has been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments. (Press Release ECA Group)

French Company ECA Group has won a contract to modernize mine clearance capacities for a foreign Navy 925 001 ECA Group has developed a full range of naval warfare equipment specially designed for modern naval forces. (Picture source ECA Group)

This contract, worth around € 20 million will last over 48 months and will allow modernizing the mine clearance capacities of the customer, a Navy, in order to improve their performance against sea mines. The evolution of the mine threat in maritime areas is a current and growing concern for many countries.

For 50 years, ECA Group has been supplying navies all around the world with unmanned systems for underwater mine clearance. The contract awarded in 2019 by the Belgian and Netherlands navies, for the renewal of their mine countermeasure capacities with innovative drone systems, has confirmed ECA Group's innovation capacity over the decades.

This new modernization contract confirms ECA Group's capacity to push forward existing underwater mine clearance systems and bring them closer to the performance of the most recent ones. ECA Group is particularly proud of the trust placed in its expertise and solutions by navies worldwide. A trust renewed by this client already equipped with ECA Group drones for several decades.

More specifically for underwater Mine Warfare, ECA Group offers mission driven interoperable systems capable of tackling the most demanding Mine Warfare missions. ECA Group systems can detect, classify, locate, identify and neutralize the underwater threat. ECA Group Mine Counter Measure (MCM) unmanned system UMISTM is able to perform any MCM mission, using a collaborative system of surface and underwater robots, thanks to an advanced Command & Control System. Deployed either stand alone or from manned and unmanned platforms they can carry a broad range of payloads, provide complete sensor choice and benefit from common operating systems and training.