Russian Navy Pytlivy patrol ship conducts exercise with Bal and Bastion coastal defense missile systems

According to information published by the Russian press agency on January 22, 2021, the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet’s Pytlivy patrol ship (NATO reporting name: Krivak-II class) has gone to sea to hold an exercise with Bal (SSC-6 Sennight) and Bastion (SSC-5 Stooge) coastal mobile missile systems of a fleet missile/artillery large unit, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press office said.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001Russian Navy patrol ship Pytlivy. (Picture source Twitter Russian Exercise)

“Before going to sea, the crew held an exercise to urgently prepare the ship for a battle and a cruise. The Pytlivy patrol ship is sailing to the assigned area in the Black Sea to practice sea fighting, mine countermeasures and air defense,” the press office said.

The Pytlivy will also simulate an adversary ship during an exercise that will involve Bal and Bastion crews. The ship has been fulfilling missions under the Black Sea Fleet combat training program.

The Krivak class, Soviet designation Project 1135 Burevestnik (storm petrel), were a series of frigates and guard ships (patrol boats) built in the Soviet Union primarily for the Soviet Navy since 1970. The ship is manufactured under four variants, Project 1135 Burevestnik (Krivak I), Project 1135M Burevestnik M (Krivak II), Project 11351 Nerey (Krivak III) and Project 11352/11353 (Krivak IV).

The Pytlivy is a patrol boat of Krivak-II class, Russian designation Project 1135M Burevestnik M, is armed with a single 100 mm guns instead of the twin 76 mm weapons of the Burevestnik design. They also had a redesigned Variable Depth Sonar (VDS) installation.

The Bal is a Russian-made coastal defense missile system based on an 8x8 military truck chassis MZKT-7930 with 8 missile containers mounted at the rear of the truck which are able to launch the Kh-35 anti-ship cruise missile. The KH-35 is a subsonic, anti-ship cruise missile that was originally developed in 1983 by the Soviet Union. It has a maximum firing range of 300 km. 

The K-300P Bastion-P (NATO reporting name SS-C-5 Stooge) is a Russian mobile coastal defense missile system. The launcher vehicle is based on the MZKT-7930 8×8 military truck chassis. The missile used by the Bastion-P is the P-800 Oniks, a supersonic anti-ship missile with a 200–250 kg (440–550 lb) warhead. The missile has a firing range from 120 to 300 km. 

Russian Navy Pytlivy patrol ship conducts exercise with Bal and Bastion coastal defense missile systems 925 002
Bastion coastal missile defense system. (Source Wikipedia)

Russian Navy Pytlivy patrol ship conducts exercise with Bal and Bastion coastal defense missile systems 925 003
Bal coastal missile defense system. (Picture source Wikipedia)

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