Japan destroyer JS Shiranui conducts exercise with Vietnamese Navy

According to information published by the JMSDF on October 26, 2021, IPD21 unit JS SHIRANUI conducted a goodwill exercise with Vietnam Navy's patrol boat 266 in the waters around Haiphong. Prior to the training, JS SHIRANUI also made a port call in Haiphong, Vietnam.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Asahi-class destroyer JS Shiranui (Picture source: Twitter account of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force)

JS Shiranui (DD-120) is the second ship of the Asahi-class destroyer of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. Her namesake came from “Phosphorescent Light ”. She was laid down on 20 May 2016 and launched on 12 October 2017. Commissioned on 27 February 2019 with the hull number DD-120.

The Asahi class of destroyers of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force is optimized for undersea warfare. The class was initially designated "25DD", referring to a date on the Japanese calendar, specifically the 25th fiscal year of the Heisei period (2013).

The class has a top speed of 30 kt and a crew complement of 220, according to the JMSDF. Each of the ships can accommodate a Mitsubishi (Sikorsky) SH-60K helicopter on the flight deck, and another one in a hangar deck.

The Asahi class is armed with a 127 mm naval gun as its primary weapon, and two Phalanx 20 mm close-in weapon systems. The platform is also equipped with launchers capable of deploying the Type 90 anti-ship missile, and the RIM-162 Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM). As for the warship's anti-submarine warfare capabilities are provided by six (two triple) 324 mm torpedo tubes, an OQQ-24 hull-mounted sonar, and an OQR-4 tactical towed array system (TACTAS).

A few days ago, China conducted an exercise with the Vietnamese Coast Guard in the Baibu Gulf.