Russian Marshal Shaposhnikov frigate trains artillery fire in Sea of Japan

According to information published by Tass on April 27, 2022, the Marshal Shaposhnikov frigate of the Pacific fleet repelled an air raid and trained artillery fire at air targets in Peter the Great Bay.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Russian Udaloy class Marshal Shaposhnikov (Picture source: topwar)

The frigate also detected imitators of floating mines and destroyed them by firing six-barrel 30 mm AK-630M artillery guns.

At the second stage, the frigate trained live artillery fire at a flaring SAB-250 bomb released by an aircraft. At night, the crew defended the warship in unprotected roadstead. The navymen trained firing countersubversion grenade launchers and throwing handheld grenades to destroy combat swimmers.

In the morning, the frigate trained survivability, and the crew trained eliminating a hole in the hull.

Marshal Shaposhnikov is a Udaloy-class (Project 1155) destroyer of the Russian Navy commissioned in 1985. The vessel serves in the Russian Pacific Fleet. Her namesake is Marshal Boris Shaposhnikov.

The destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov is armed with two AK-130 130 mm naval guns, eight SS-N-22 'Sunburn' anti-ship missiles, 64 VLS (Vertical Launching Systems) cells for SA-N-9 'Gauntlet' surface-to-air missiles, two Kashtan CIWS (Close-In Weapon Systems), eight 553 mm torpedo tubes for SS-N-16 'Stallion' anti-submarine missiles and two RBU-12000 anti-submarine rocket launchers.