Israeli Navy completes first BARAK LRAD test on Sa'ar 6 class corvette

According to a tweet published by the Israeli MoD on December 2022, the Israeli Navy and Israel Aerospace Industries successfully completed the first BARAK Long Range Robust Interceptor (LRAD) interception test aboard an Israeli Navy Sa’ar 6-Class Corvette.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Israeli Sa'ar 6 class corvette testing Barak LRAAD (Picture source: Israeli MoD)

Based on the Air & Missile Defense Division acclaimed and field-proven Barak family, the BARAK LRAD interceptor is part of the BARAK MX System that is an advanced Air & Missile Defense System that provides a single integrated solution for multiple simultaneous aerial threats from different sources and different ranges.

The Barak LRAD Interceptors has vertical launch capabilities supporting 360° coverage, quick reactions, short minimal ranges and an active high-end RF seeker for targets with low radar cross sections and high maneuverability.

Sa'ar 6-class corvette

The Sa'ar 6-class corvette is a series of four German-made corvettes ordered for the Israeli Navy in May 2015. All four vessels were constructed in Germany in a joint project by German Naval Yards Holdings and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

The Sa'ar 6 has a displacement of almost 1,900 tons at full load and is 90 m (295 ft 3 in) long. It is armed with an Oto Melara 76 mm main gun, two Typhoon Weapon Stations, 16 vertical launch cells for Barak-8 surface-to-air missiles, 40 cells for the C-Dome point defense system, 16 anti-ship missiles Gabriel V, the EL/M-2248 MF-STAR AESA radar, and two 324 mm (12.8 in) torpedo launchers. It has hangar space and a platform able to accommodate a medium-class SH-60-type helicopter.