List of Ukrainian Navy ships would have been destroyed or captured by Russian armed forces

According to a list reported by the oryxspioenkop Blog, a total of 13 Ukrainian Naval Ships would have been destroyed or captured by the Russian armed forces. The Krivak III class frigate was scuttled to prevent capture by Russia.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 The Krivak III class Frigate 'Hetman Sagaidachny', reportedly scuttled in Mykolaiv, On March 3, 2022. (Picture source Twitter Joseph Dempsey)

The naval forces of Ukraine consist of five components including surface forces, submarine forces, naval aviation, coastal rocket-artillery and naval infantry. According to the military balance 2021, the Ukrainian navy has a total of around 11,000 personnel. The ships of the Ukrainian Navy included 1 frigate Hetman Sagaidachny Krivak III class, 12 patrol and coastal boats including 1 Albatros (Project 1124P Grisha II), two Slavyansk (ex-US Island), 1 Vekhr (FSU Matka), 7 Gyurza-M (Project 51855) and one Grif-M (FSU Zhuk).

The Ukrainian Navy is also equipped with one Korund (Project 1258 Yevgeny) minehunter ship, one Project 773I (Polnochny C) landing ship as well as eight logistic and support vessels including BU 1 Project 419 (Sura), AG 1 Bereza auxiliary ship, AGI (intelligence collection vessel) Muna, 1 AKL (cargo ship/light), 1 AWT (Water Tanker) Sudak and 3 AXL ( training craft/light/sail) Petrushka.

Two Gyurza-M class gunboats were captured. The Project 58155 Gyurza-M class is a series of small armored gunboats armed with two BM-5M.01 Katran-M remote-controlled naval weapon stations, one 30mm ZTM-1 automatic gun, 7.62mm CT machine gun, and laser-guided man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS).

One P190 Slovyansk, an Island-class patrol boat, a class of cutters also in service with the United States Coast Guard which is armed with one Mk 38 25 mm chain gun and two M2 .50-cal machine guns.

Two Zhuk class patrol boats were captured, also known as Project 1400M "Grif", is a small border patrol vessel of less than 40-ton displacement built in the Soviet Union and later in Ukraine. The ship is armed with two twin 12.7 mm machine guns.

One Sorum-class seagoing tugboat and six small patrol boats including the BG 8, BG 311, BG 14, BG 24, BG 310, and no identification for the last.

On 3 March 2022, it was reported that the Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny was scuttled in the port of Mykolaiv to prevent its capture by Russian forces. On the same day, the Slavyansk patrol boat was sunk by an anti-ship missile of Russian naval aviation.

On March 14, the Russian source RT reported that the Russian Armed Forces had captured about a dozen Ukrainian ships in Berdyansk. The vessels reported as captured included two Gyurza-M-class artillery vessels (including the vessel Akkerman), the Matka-class missile boat Pryluky, a Project 1124P (Grisha II)-class corvette, a Zhuk-class patrol boat, a Yevgenya-class minesweeper, the Polnocny-class landing ship Yuri Olefirenko and an Ondatra-class landing craft.