Russia Navy's Lada class submarine Kronshtadt conducts dive tests

According to information published by Military Review on July 11, 2023, the Project 677 diesel-electric submarine Kronstadt completed a deep-sea immersion as part of its continuing sea trials.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Russian Project 677 submarine Kronshtadt. (Picture source: Dzen)

These trials are being conducted within the maritime ranges of the Baltic Fleet. The submarine crew verified the functioning of all onboard mechanisms and systems, practicing control algorithms at great depths and under various surfacing conditions.

The Kronstadt reached a depth of 180 meters at one of the Baltic Fleet's ranges. The dive was facilitated by fleet forces and resources, including the rescue ship SS-750. The results of the submarine's dive were reported to the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Nikolay Yevmenov.

The "Kronstadt" submarine is the first serial submarine of Project 677 (Lada), following the Sankt Peterburg. The submarine's construction began in July 2005 but was suspended by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2009 until 2013.

The submarine was only launched in 2018. By the end of 2021, the submarine had commenced sea trials, which were prolonged due to ongoing modernization.

The submarine is scheduled to join the Russian fleet this year, but the exact dates have not been determined. The Kronstadt will serve in the Northern Fleet, where the lead submarine of the project, Sankt Peterburg, is already in service. This decision was announced at a conference call meeting at the Ministry of Defense in early March this year.

The first serial "Lada" was built according to a revised project considering the operational experience of the lead submarine of the series. The submarine's ship technical control system, electric propulsion system, and navigation complex have been upgraded. Additionally, the Kronstadt has been armed with "Kalibr" cruise missiles.