IDEF 2023: Havelsan's anticipated strong showing at global defense fair

According to a PR published by Havelsan on July 24, 2023, the company is set to participate in IDEF’23, one of the world's top five expos regarding the number of countries and participants involved. This biannual fair, held since 1993 and about to host its 16th event, stands as a highly respected global defense industry exhibition.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Artist rendering of Network Enabled Naval Combat Management System ADVENT. (Picture source: Havelsan)

Each year, the fair sees an increase in the number of both domestic and foreign enterprises participating, as well as visiting foreign official delegations. It serves as a testament to the advanced state of our nation's defense industry, showcasing our latest technology-driven products, solutions, and systems already available in the market, and displaying the overall capabilities of our ever-growing industry and globally competitive companies. The event is a hotbed of activity, with numerous meetings taking place, collaborations being initiated, and contracts being signed.

As a subsidiary of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF), Havelsan naturally holds a key role at the IDEF Fairs. With a legacy of three decades at IDEF fairs, HAVELSAN's presence has consistently grown in impact and excitement.

Throughout these years, Havelsan's booth has welcomed critical decision-makers from targeted regions, fostering numerous project developments through productive engagements and meetings.

The previous fair, held in 2021, saw the booth bustling with fruitful meetings involving delegations led by high-ranking decision-makers, including Ministers of Defence, Deputy Ministers, and Force Commanders from 74 countries. Notably, Ambassadors, Military Attachés and representatives of global companies also paid visits.

IDEF 2023 is anticipated to be another fantastic platform for foreign official delegations, attracting great interest and participation. HAVELSAN is prepared to host these delegations, aiming to introduce its products and solutions more intimately and evaluate cooperation opportunities.

Invitations have been sent to the highest echelons of decision-makers from Ministries of Defence, Force Commands, Military Institutions, and Security Units.

There is strong optimism that IDEF’23 will culminate in a record turnout in terms of both the quality and quantity of these meetings. Furthermore, an extensive number of sectoral press members from abroad, who have shown interest in the fair, have been invited to the booth.

Havelsan's participation in IDEF 2023 will span a vast array of products/solutions/systems. Noteworthy mentions include the Network Enabled Naval Combat Management System ADVENT; unmanned autonomous systems BARKAN, KAPGAN, BAHA, and SANCAR, examples of Digital Troops technologies; along with other autonomous capabilities in air, land and sea domains; Anti-Drone Systems; CBRN (Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear) products; and ICT products such as EYEMINER and KOVAN.

There's much anticipation that HAVELSAN's offerings will leave a lasting impression on IDEF’23 attendees. Prospective customers and enthusiasts are welcome to explore these technologies, systems and solutions, along with hardware products in the fields of Command Control Defence Technologies, Simulation and Autonomous Platform Management Systems, and more.

At IDEF’23, HAVELSAN plans to once again captivate attention with its leading-edge systems, established solutions, innovations, and brand new systems and technologies set for launch.

Details of HAVELSAN's innovative products, state-of-the-art solutions, advanced technologies, systems set to be displayed at IDEF’23, and more, can be found in the HAVELSAN Magazine IDEF’23 Special Edition. The magazine can be accessed in hard copy by visiting the HAVELSAN booth at Hall 11, #1101, or digitally via