IDEF 2023: Sonitus presents cutting-edge underwater vehicle NARVAL 504-P

Sonitus, an innovative company specializing in marine technologies, has showcased their flagship underwater vehicle, the NARVAL 504-P, at the industry's premier event.

Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Narval 504-P. (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

The NARVAL 504-P is an advanced autonomous underwater vehicle designed for stealthy, deep-sea operations, particularly in hazardous tasks such as minesweeping.

By employing devices like the NARVAL 504-P, which can operate autonomously or be remotely controlled, naval forces can safely navigate and secure regions infested with underwater mines, reducing human risk.

With its stealth technology, advanced detection and monitoring systems, covert communication, and remote control capabilities, it provides a significant edge in strategic operations.

The NARVAL 504-P also plays a crucial role in submarine reconnaissance, covert intelligence gathering, and underwater defense operations. Customizable based on the needs of various countries or military forces, the NARVAL 504-P showcases impressive specifications.

It operates at a depth of 500 meters, moves at a speed of 2 knots, and weighs between 60-80 kg. The device measures 2 meters in length and 1 meter in wingspan, and it can operate for up to 4 months. Its navigation system features GPS, a pressure sensor, an altimeter, and a gyro.