IDEF 2023: Day 2 STE from Ukraine unveils its Magura V5 USV in Türkiye

In its second day, IDEF 2023, hosted by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, keeps Istanbul at the heart of global defense discourse. A standout feature of this event is the newly unveiled Magura V5 USV by the Ukrainian firm STE.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Model of the Magura V5 Unmanned surface vehicle at IDEF 2023. (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

This expo, which has experienced massive growth since its establishment in 1993, congregates important decision makers from defense areas, military officials, industry stakeholders, and individuals engaged in defense and security technologies.

Its principal objective is to function as a stage for manufacturers and vendors to display their offerings and for participants to interact and build collaborations.

Today, Army Recognition had the opportunity to explore the newest high-tech defense technologies and products presented at this special occasion. They span land, air, and naval vehicles, to advanced electronics, weapons, and security systems, signifying the extensive reach of the global defense industry.

Over time, the defense industry in Turkey has evolved and innovated, showing significant progress in multiple sectors, including drone technology, armored vehicles, and naval systems.

At IDEF, Turkish enterprises and the government have capitalized on the opportunity to exhibit these advancements, offering their products and services to local and international markets.

The occasion plays a crucial role in the development of the Turkish defense industry, aiding it in establishing connections, forming collaborations, and securing significant contracts with international purchasers and defense stakeholders. This international visibility continues to propel the growth and expanding influence of Turkey's defense industry.

As the four-day event proceeds, Istanbul continues to be the hub for defense industry innovation, placing the city, and by extension Turkey, at the leading edge of international defense technology progress.

The remaining days of IDEF 2023 are expected to bring more thrilling revelations and opportunities, further reinforcing its reputation as one of the globally significant defense industry exhibits.

Summary of Day 2 video coverage for IDEF 2023:

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Virtual walkthrough of IDEF 2023 International Defense Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey
01:05 Meteksan from Turkey introduces new naval defense products at IDEF 2023
01:56 Unveiling of the new kamikaze naval drone ULAQ KAMA by Meteksan
04:24 Delivery of NAZAR Laser Electronic Warfare System to the Turkish navy
06:25 Meteksan introduces new retractable sonar for small vessels named YAKAMOS RT at IDEF 2023
08:40 Turkish firm BMC showcases its comprehensive range of wheeled combat vehicles at IDEF 2023
10:00 BMC presents the latest generation of locally-made Altay Main Battle Tank
10:34 Full range of wheeled armored vehicles by BMC, including Amazon, Uran, Kirpi II
11:04 Launch of Tulga armor SUV by BMC, designed for security and police forces
11:22 Display of BMC's 8x8 armored vehicle, including Altug with diverse weapon systems
11:55 Ukrainian defense industry introduces its new naval kamikaze drone, Magura, at IDEF 2023
15:46 Upcoming defense exhibitions for the Army Recognition editorial team: MSPO in Poland, DSEI in the UK, and Partner in Serbia.
16:40 Contact details for the Army Recognition Group
16:56 Outro