US Navy officially receives new Ship-to-Shore Connector LCAC 107

According to information published by the US DoD on June 28, 2023, the Navy took receipt of the state-of-the-art landing craft, the Ship to Shore Connector (SSC), Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) 107.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Ship-to-Shore Connector LCAC 107. (Picture source: US DoD)

The delivery of LCAC 107 comes after completion of Acceptance Trials conducted by the Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey, which tested the readiness and capability of the craft to effectively meet its requirements.

About the SSC

The SSC features a two-person fly-by-wire cockpit with intuitive joystick controls, ensuring smoother operations. The craft is powered by stronger, more efficient engines, promising superior performance.

In terms of construction, there's an extensive application of composites and aluminum alloys which significantly increase corrosion resistance. An advanced skirt has been implemented in place of the traditional deep skirt. This modern design modification results in less drag and reduces the overall weight of the craft.

Powering each SSC are four Rolls-Royce MT7 gas turbines, which are derivative models based on the Rolls-Royce T406 used in the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.

Interestingly, the cores of these two engine types are identical, which could simplify spare parts storage for those ships operating both the tiltrotor aircraft and the hovercraft. With a maximum speed of 50 knots (58 mph; 93 km/h), the SSC boasts impressive speed.

The SSC also features a streamlined and more efficient drivetrain. By using only one gearbox on each side, the SSC has fewer parts, which not only reduces maintenance requirements but also enhances reliability.

In terms of payload capacity, the SSC can accommodate 74 tons or alternatively, it can carry 145 Marines or 108 casualty personnel. It maintains an impressive maximum speed of over 35 knots.