France Navy FREMM DA frigate Alsace fires Exocet MM40 Block 3c missile

According to information published by Opex360 on September 29, 2023, the FREMM DA frigate Alsace, successfully conducted a technical and operational evaluation launch of the EXOCET Mer-Mer 40 Block 3C missile off the coast of Toulon and the DGA Missile Test site.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Frigate Alsace firing Exocet MM40 Block 3C missile. (Picture source: French Navy)

The MM-40B3C, a successor to the MM40 B3 and already adopted by various international navies, retains its distinguished features, such as its all-weather capability and versatile operational flexibility. Enhanced with a novel self-guidance system and modern missile algorithms, it is optimized to counter the intricate challenges of anti-ship warfare.

Sporting a length of 6 meters, a diameter of 50 centimeters, and weighing above 800 kg, the MM-40B3C is a force to be reckoned with. Capable of targeting adversaries over 200 km away and cruising at a mere altitude of 2 meters, its minimal radar and infrared footprint, coupled with its advanced inertial navigation and electromagnetic self-guidance, bestows upon it a potent "fire and forget" capability and impeccable target discrimination.

About the FREMM Alsace

Displacing over 6,000 tons, the frigate measures a commendable 142 meters in length, which is roughly equivalent to 465 feet 11 inches. It boasts a beam of 20 meters or about 65 feet 7 inches, with a draught measuring at 7.6 meters (24 feet 11 inches).

The propulsion system of the Alsace is driven by MTU Series 4000 engines, each delivering 2.2 MW, working in conjunction with a CODLOG system. This state-of-the-art propulsion allows the frigate to achieve speeds of up to 27 knots (50 km/h or 31 mph) while maintaining an optimal cruising speed of 15.6 knots (28.9 km/h or 18 mph). Such efficiency ensures that the Alsace has a range of 6,000 nautical miles (11,000 km or 6,900 miles) when cruising at 15 knots.

Designed to accommodate a crew of 145 or more, the ship is equipped with cutting-edge sensors and processing systems. Among them is the Héraklès multi-purpose passive electronically scanned array with a range extending beyond 300 km for air and 80 km for surface targets. Moreover, the frigate is fitted with the Thales STIR EO MK 2 fire control radar, CAPTAS-4 towed-array sonar, and the UMS 4110 CL hull-mounted sonar.